Text Editor auto-scrolling

In Pan 6, if the content in a text editor object connected to a field was too long to display, it would automatically jump to the right (so to speak) so you could see the next section of text, and edit it.

In Pan X, for one-line high TEs without scroll bars, I can’t get this action, no matter what setting I use for Wrap. If there is more text hidden off to the right, you can’t see it or edit it, UNLESS you switch to pop-up editing and drag the editing box out larger.

I have a form with many one-line high TEs, and it is easiest not to have to use pop-up editing, with all the extra clicking required to edit data.

Any chance we can have it auto-scroll when the cursor is moved to the right? I have a sinking feeling that this is going to be another unfixable problem due to Apple’s implementation…

I noticed that the normal Apple Search boxes have this auto-scroll feature so maybe this can be implemented in the Text Editor.