Text Display With Auto Scroll

Hello Everybody,

A text display object with the “Auto Scroll to Bottom” checked AND with the “Allow Text Selection” also checked, will default to “Auto Scroll to Bottom” UNchecked when the database is closed and re-opened. Unchecking the “Allow Text Selection” option prevents this behavior, but then, of course, you cannot select text.

It is a minor issue Jim, but you might want to look into it before the next update.


I cannot duplicate the behavior you are describing. There is no problem leaving both of these items checked in my testing, even if the database is closed and re-opened.

I found I couldn’t get ‘Auto Scroll to Bottom’ to stay selected on an existing text display object. It would remain selected whatever else I did while still in graphics mode, but on reverting to data mode the text display object would not actually autoscroll, and on going into graphics mode again I would find it unselected.

I added this line after opening the form, including a text display object whose name is ‘Alert’, to force it to be selected:

changeobject "Alert","$TextDisplayAutoScrollToBottom","1"

I was going to report this but then found there seemed to be no problem when creating a new text display object; it only happened when enabling the feature in an object that had been created under a previous version. Not every new feature can be back-compatible.

Perhaps I was not clear enough.

The issue is that if “Auto Scroll to Bottom” is UN-checked, with “Allow Text Selection” checked, then when the database is re-opened, the “Auto Scroll to Bottom” will be CHECKED. It doesn’t retain its UN-checked status.

At least, that is what happens repeatedly with my PanX.

Panorama X Pro
Version 10.2.0b.34

Does yours work differently?

Sorry, I misread your post.

I hadn’t tried it with ‘Allow text selection’ selected, but I don’t get the same behaviour here.

If I enable text selection and disable auto-scroll, on re-opening the form the setting is unchanged, but if I save, close and re-open the database then open the form, auto-scroll is now enabled too. Conversely, if I disable text selection but enable auto-scroll, on closing the database, re-opening it then opening the form, both are disabled. In other words, on opening the database, auto-scroll seems to be set to the contents of the saved text selection flag, not the auto-scroll flag.

In what I previously wrote I thought I had established that, with a newly created text display object at least, the setting of the auto-scroll flag was retained — but only while the database is still open, it seems, not after it has been closed and opened again.

Panorama X v.10.2.0.b34
MacOS 13.5.2

Bingo. I’ve been able to track this down, it will be fixed in the next release.