Text Display object size and alignment bugs

If you use a text display object to show a word or two as a heading and choose “center” in its text options panel, the text aligns left if the height of the object is tight, but centres if you increase the depth of text display object.

If the size of the object always remained at the looser height, as it does in P6, this wouldn’t matter much. But in PX the text display object can resize when reopening the form into the too-tight height, and displays the text aligned left.

Fortunately the text label object does not behave like this.

David Duncan

This text display object behaviour persists when RTML is used to centre the text and when there is more than one line of centred text.


Your screen shots definitely seem to indicate a problem but I sure can’t duplicate the problem.

I tried all the settings I could think of but it centered correctly no matter what I did.

Try sizing the object to the minimum shown in your video, then click the bottom handle and reduce the height of the object pixel by pixel using the up arrow key.

I’ll send you a small PX test file demonstrating the problem.

It must be something else wrong. It stays centered even when I shrink to the minimum amount.

That is as short as Panorama will allow this object to go.

Wait, I actually got it shorter with the Measurements panel, but it stayed centered.

I can get David’s action if the Line Breaks option in the Options panel is set to “Don’t Wrap”.

Thanks, Gary, you’re right, and it aligns as expected when set to wrap. It looks to me like the “Don’t Wrap” option doesn’t work, either, so no point in choosing it.


I had tried the Don’t Wrap option last night when I was testing it, and I still didn’t see this problem.

David sent me a file that demonstrates the problem. When I opened it, the text was left aligned, as David said. But when I unchecked Rich Text, it centered, whether Don’t Wrap was on or not. Then I turned Rich Text back on, and it still worked. Now I can’t get David’s file to fail no matter what I do. Weird.

Ok, after further experimentation it seems the Text Display Object with the “Don’t Wrap” option set has a sweet spot (or in this case a sour spot) where the center alignment changes to left alignment. The exact spot where this happens is dependent upon the font size and whether or not there is a border. The height at which the TDO changes is shown below with each font size used.

Font Size              Object Height            w/Border
    14                       17                    21
    18                       21                    25
    24                       28                    32
    36                       43                    47

The font used does not seem to make a difference - only the size. Note that sometimes moving the objects while set at other sizes will also cause the alignment to shift if the “Don’t Wrap” option is on and will remain that way until you try resizing it where it will return to the above behavior.