Text Display Object Name Anomaly

I’ve recently noticed that when a text display object has horizontal scroll bars it changes what is returned by info(“trigger”) when the object is clicked, and this is further influenced by whether there is text in the box or not.

Without the horizontal scroll bar, info(“trigger”) returns “TextDisplay”. With horizontal scroll bars, if the text object is displaying empty text, info(“trigger”) returns “Object clicked”. If there are horizontal scroll bars and some text in the object, info(“trigger”) returns one or the other without a pattern that I’ve been able to determine.

Obvious problem if a called procedure needs to identify the calling object.

Demo in the attached file, Form A:


If I click on the text, it says “Text Display.” If I click in the white space to the right of the text, it says “Object Clicked.”

Confirmed. That explains the variability when text is present. Very observant!!