Text Display not equating to formula until Quit and re-open

I have a Text Display object that has many formulas for its display.

«Starting Position»+chr(13)+" "+chr(13)+?(«1st Part»="","",«1st Part»)+chr(13)+?(«2nd Part»="","",«2nd Part»)+chr(13)+?(«3rd Part»="","",«3rd Part»)+chr(13)+?(«Centers»="","",«Centers»)+chr(13)+?(«Outsides»="","",«Outsides»)+chr(13)+?(«Generalized Definition»="","",«Generalized Definition»)+chr(13)+?(«Ends»="","",«Ends»)+chr(13)+?(«#1 & 2»="","",«#1 & 2»)+chr(13)+?(«#2»="","",«#2»)+chr(13)+?(«#3»="","",«#3»)+chr(13)+?(«#3 & 4»="","",«#3 & 4»)+chr(13)+?(«#4»="","",«#4»)+chr(13)+?(«All Others»="","",«All Others»)+chr(13)+?(«All»="","",«All»)+chr(13)+" "+chr(13)+?(«Ends In»="","",«Ends In»)

It was all working as expected and Pano X was left open in the background for several hours. Then when I went back to view the form, the results of the display were out of wack. Things that should have displayed were not, and things that should not have displayed, were displaying. Upon a Quit of Panorama and then re-opening the file, all was back to expected.

Have others seen this?

I haven’t seen that problem, but if you see this again you might try closing the form window and re-opening it, rather than quit/relaunch. Of course neither should be necessary, but it’s something you could try.