Text Array Separator

Hello Everybody,

A PanX variable has the value shown below.


In Pan6, that variable is a text array, with a ¶ as a separator. A subsequent ARRAYFILTER properly acts on each row element.

But in PanX, the rows are NOT separated by a ¶ character. The ARRAYSIZE( function returns 1 as a value with a separator of ¶. So, how can I find out what the separator is? And why is it different from Pan6, which does have ¶ as the separator?

The procedure which produces the variable is the same (copied and pasted) in Pan6 and PanX.


More than likely it’s a line feed. You can replace ¶ in your ArrayFilter with lf(), or you can use lftocr( or crtolf( to ensure it’s the separator you want.

In cocoa applications, the line feed is the standard line ending. In carbon applications, it’s the carriage return.

Hello Dave,

That did it!

Do I gather from this that in PanX, one should always assume that text arrays will be delimited by line feeds? In Pan6, it was always a carriage return.

I knew I could count on you.


If you typed it in to Pan X, that would be correct, but if the text was imported from somewhere else, it will depend on what character the source was using.

Gary Yonaites provided a useful tool in the Database Exchange (in the Help menu) of Panorama X: Reveal Invisible Text!

Hello KJM,

Wow. I didn’t even know about that resource. I never accessed the Database Exchange before. I will have to explore that Exchange in more detail. Good job, Gary.

Thanks to all for your help.