Telephone Dialing within Panorama X on Big Sur

I have been routineIy dialing my land line within Panorama.

Presently a Zoom Model 3095 USB Mini External Modem and using Dialectic as the software.

Now I cannot dial as I go through the sometimes painful migration. And this database I use dozens fo times daily.

Is the Dialectic software or something like it necessary with Panorama X 10.2? I am waiting to find our if the Modem I have is compatible with Big Sur, which I was basically forced to upgrade since Spotlight would not work on High Sierra despite my efforts.


Panorama X cannot dial via a modem by itself. So you would need something like Dialectic for that. I do not know if Dialectic works on Big Sur, in fact I am not sure if Dialectic is still available or supported. Not very many people are still dialing land lines thru modems these days.