Team Server Won't Start

I have installed Panorama X on a clean computer( Mini with 10.14.6). I have bought the “Deploying Shared Databases” classes. When I try start the server, I get the following message:
Could not open file: /Users/jkpanx/Library/Application Support/PanoramaX/Server/PanoramaX

The preferences on the folders allow user access. I deleted the server and tried again; no love. I deleted the server and the plist; no love. I deleted the application, the Panorama folder inside the application support folder and the plist. I then downloaded and reinstalled the application. Still no luck. I did notice however that during all of this, the site license was always logged in. I would think that after deleting the prefs and the application that I would have to log in again.

I’ve set up several servers but this one won’t cooperate. Any ideas? Thank you.