TDO won't display value of variable

I have three similar procedures which do calculations based on different pricing levels. I’d like to display the currently selected price level using a TDO on a form. I’m using this code:

undefine thePriceLevel
fileglobal thePriceLevel

When I run each version (retail, wholesale 1, wholesale 2), the formula workshop when refreshed displays the correct price level. The TDO however, doesn’t update. The TDO formula is simply the variable name – thePriceLevel.

I tried this first with local variables but figured it needed fileglobals which I would undefine between each run.


How interesting. I just discovered that switching the form from data mode to graphics mode and back again refreshes the TDO so that it correctly displays the price level in the variable. Is there another way to refresh what the TDO displays, and is this normal behaviour?


Yes, and yes. To refresh the TDO, use

showvariables thePriceLevel

The undefine command isn’t accomplishing anything useful that I can see.

Perfect, thanks again.