Tag behavior in form constructor

I added a field width tag to the first field listed in the Constructor Template and produced the following unexpected result:

I then placed the field width tag at the top of the list and produced the expected result:

Adding the field width tag to a field in the middle of the list produced a layout with overlapping fields and labels:

Any suggestions would be appreciated. This is the only form in a newly imported database. Fields have yet to be formatted / cleaned up.

The <fieldwidth> tag is only supposed to be used once at the beginning of the template – it specifies the default width for any fields that don’t have an explicit <width> tag… It should never be used on a line with a field name. If you want to set the width of an individual field, use the <width> tag.

So I think what you want is something like this:

Fiscal Year<width:1 inch>
Pay Class
Pay scale type
Position Number
Position itle
Extra Help Flag
Class Code<width:1 inch>
Employee Name


Yes, I see the difference now. I was only looking at the Geometry section of the Automatic Form Construction (excellent by the way) and overlooked the Width section. Back on track. Thanks.