Tabbing through Cells in Report Form

I’m in the process of converting my Panorama 6 databases to Panorama X. I have a Form that is formatted as View-as-list with a Data Report Tile that contains Field Cells. In Pan 6 I could Tab through these Field Cells to change the data. However in Pan X I can’t select the individual Field Cells. Instead I can only select each Record line but do not have access to the Field Cells.

I checked and the Pop Up Editing is enabled for each Field in the Text Editor Options.

Is this correct behavior for Panorama X or am I missing something?


Yes, that is how text lists operate; you cannot edit data directly in the text list. What I have done is use a double-click to open a form that permits me to edit a row. If you haven’t done this before, it’s important to know if you have Database Navigator checked. If so, you can just open the form and it will show the row that was selected in the text list. If not, you have to get the data from that row with an array statement and find the database row you want. Remember that the find statement only searches visible records, and what is visible in the database is not necessarily what is visible in the text list.

Thanks for the explanation CooperT. I’m admittedly not a programmer and have learned just enough in Panorama 6 to get me in trouble. Here’s why I’m perplexed…
In Pan 6 I have created an Entry Form that is View-as-List. On that form I have a Header Tile, and Data Tile and Footer Tile. On the Data Tile I have 8 fields across a row. Each field is a Data Cell Object. When I toggle out of Graphic Design Mode to Data Access Mode, I am able to Tab through each Cell and edit each cells values.
That’s the behavior I’m trying to replicate in Pan X.

Could you upload a screen shot of the form you want to replicate?
I don’t think you can do this exactly the way you are describing. I was not able to edit a text editor object in a data report tile.

I thought a screen recording would show this better. You can watch it here:

One thing I have found in Pan X is that some things that worked fine in Pan6 don’t work very well in PanX, but that there are lots of new tools. I created a sample database that would do what you did with a View-As-List form. It has a text list. If you double-click a row, it opens a small window that allows you to edit that row. The plus and minus buttons allow you to add a record or delete a record.
The one problem that has not been fixed in PanX is that the text list does not automatically update when you add or change a record. The only way I have found to update the text list with new or edited data is to switch to graphics mode and then back to data mode.
I was not able to upload the screen video, a .mov file. How did you do that? If you would like the databse I created, just send you email to me at
PS But here’s a screen shot showing the list and the form for editing.

Rico, in your form (in List View) you are basically replicating the function of (a part of) the data sheet. So I think the easiest way to come close to the behavior of your Panorama 6 form in Panorama X would be to show only the columns you need (using the showhidefieldsdialog command in a procedure or directly from the Fields menu, or the hidethesefields statement in a procedure) and enter your data in the data sheet.

Unrequested advice…

Rico, on your View as List form, I would tighten up those cells so that they are no higher than you really need them to be. It looks like you are truly only needing 1 row for your data (especially in the date and amount columns). Having the ability to accidentally create a 2nd line when entering data can cause some real headaches for later debugging. Always keep your row height as tight as is practicable based on your actual needs.

Robert Ameeti

He didn’t upload. He just posted a link to it on his own server.

Thank you all for the advice and feedback.

I realize that I’m creating a form that is basically duplicating the Data Sheet but I wanted to make it more aesthetically pleasing. Tom offers a good solution and I would like to see the database you created. I’ll send you an email. I appreciate the time you put in to it.

I’m also appreciative of Robert’s advice. Anything to improve performance and eliminate bugs is most welcome.

Dave is correct. In order to show the short video clip, I uploaded it to my own server and posted a link. I didn’t realize that it would show inline and thought it would simply be a link but happily it displays as a movie player.