Tab Panel with Matrix

I have created a Tab Panel. One of the panels has a matrix. When loading the database, I often (perhaps always) need to manually refresh the matrix to get it to display properly, and when switching to the other panel (that doesn’t have the matrix), yet another refresh is required when going back to the panel with the matrix.

What am I doing incorrectly?

I don’t know. What do you mean by “manually refresh”?

I can tell you that I use tab panels with matrix objects frequently. They work fine, no refresh required, but they are a bit tricky to set up because usually you don’t want the matrix frame to be visible in the tab panel. So the solution is to put the matrix frame on a separate form, then explicitly set the form that contains the frame. To learn how to do this see Hiding the Matrix Frame on this page:

also Using a Matrix in a Panel on this help page:

This is also covered in the Tab Panel video training session, which you can purchase for $10 if you don’t already own the Intensive Training Course.

Since I don’t understand your problem, I suspect this tip won’t help with your problem, but perhaps it will be helpful to you in general.

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