Tab Panel Text List Real-Time Update from Data Input?

How do you get a text list in a tab panel to update in real time when you change data in one of the fields in a data entry section on the same form (but outside the area of the tab panel)? Can’t seem to find the procedures/functions to accomplish this.

Is this even possible?

There are so many ways to set up a text list – the data could be in a variable, it could be directly scanned from a database. You’ll need to make your question more specific.

The form has a tab panel with tabs showing the same fields set up in text lists, but each tab shows a different subset of information: Personal, Department, Billing Type (Category), and Date.

At the top of the form, there’s a data entry section for entering new billing information or adjusting old entries (selected using the text lists in one of the tab panels using Database Navigator).

I’m just wondering if there’s a way to make the information in the text lists in each tab panel update when I enter new information in the data entry section at the top of the form, based on whatever I enter.

I’ve linked to the top of the form so you can see what I’m getting at.

Screen Capture of Form Top

Either I’m too vague, the solution is obvious, or there is no solution. :frowning2:

I think you’re encountering the same situation that I queried about in Synchronizing a TextList

JC: I missed that topic when it went by, but I think you’re correct–not yet implemented.

If you read the topic that James Cook showed above, Gary Y showed some code that will cause a text list to update reliably after a change to the displayed data. I have been using that for some time. Of course, something has to trigger that code; I have put a refresh button on the form with the text list to force the updated.

Here is the work-around I had come up with:

if info("eof")

This code could be added to the code pane for the text entry boxes or entered as a separate procedure and then only include a call to that procedure in each entry box. Moving the active record up or down and then back to the original record forces the update while the noshow, showpage and endnoshow statements keeps the transitions from being displayed.

Thanks, Gary. I did see your work-around, but I hadn’t tried it yet. I just gave it a whirl, and it seems to do pretty much what I want.