Tab "down" in a Field

In Panorama 6, there was an option to “Tab Down”. I can’t seem to find that in Panorama X. Often I need to edit data vertically. I have to click on each cell to move up and down.

This feature hasn’t been implemented yet. Hopefully it will at some point.

It takes only two keystrokes to do basically the same: Hit the return / enter key to enter the edited data in the active cell, then press the down arrow to go to the same field in the next record. You can immediately start typing data there.

That is if you need to enter info into the immediately adjacent below cell. I often used it to merely move down to the next appropriate record for the same field of entry. This might be 5 records down which equates to 5 tabs or 10 ‘Return/Down’ keystrokes. Down is twice as efficient.

One return, and five down arrows should to it. Down arrow doesn’t open the cell for editing. It waits for your first keystroke to do that.

If this is a shared database then tabbing down past records you don’t intend to edit is still going to lock and unlock each record as you go thru. Might interfere with other users, and definitely will cause more network traffic.

Dave’s technique will not lock the intermediate records as you go thru.

Couldn’t you create a procedure that would put you just where you want to be on the next record and trigger it with a custom shortcut key combination - or am I channeling procedures/methods long past?

It seems you could also design it so if the key combo also contains a number, you would move down that many records. Assuming pushing two (or three) keys with the fingers of one hand isn’t that much more effort than pushing one key with one finger, the “number of keys” effort would be about the same. If your “multiple records jump” was 5 or less you might be able to trigger the combo keys and number or jumps key (no number defaults to next record) with one hand too.

But playing with the keyboard spacing, it would be easier for me to just hit a three key combo (with one hand) quickly 5 times to jump 5 records - especially if that was not the norm.