Syntax for adjusting the bottom of a chart

I need some help adjusting the bottom of my chart.

As you can see from the image above my X-axis tags are truncated. I am charting a variable, and my variable contents are gathered with he following code:

fgChartVariance = ArraySelectedBuild(cr(), “”, {«AcctName» + tab() + «Variance»})

fgChartVariance = cr()+fgChartVariance +cr()+{“bottommargin”}+tab()+ {60}

Here is the actual contents of my variable:

Scheduled Market Rent 198.2797455465006
Loss to Lease -1045.113967569221
Gross Potential Rent -846.8342220226987
Vacancy -172.684440454162
Concessions 91.54903485049171
Bed Debt / Delinquency 2.73517786561265
Non Revenue Units -82.30782959061901
Total Losses -78.40022773805799
Net Rental Income -924.3289829525002
Fee Income 971.985624035129
RUBS Income 484.220336570571
Media Package -378.886426592798
Subtotal Other Income 0
Common Area Mainteance 0
Other Income -33.7368421052632
One-time Income 0
Total Non-rental Income 1043.58269190763
Total Operating Income 119.2537089552006
Administrative -115.809280325841
Advertising & Promotion 141.7173967788202
Payroll -138.5186953237101
Repairs & Maintenance 5.657878313424987
Turnover -240.087711998948
Internet / Media -264.7860904601845
Management Fee -308.588604337972
Utilities 217.728225285494
Contracted Services -135.667064478338
Real Estate Taxes 321.9410289818579
Insurance 134.147427545356
Replacement Reserves 0
Total Expenses -382.2559972846602
Net Operating Income 501.509706239809
“bottommargin” 60

However, I can’t get the bottom margin to change. I assume I am making a syntax error someplace. Perhaps someone has better eyes than I have.

Your screenshot shows “bottom margin” as a value in your chart. So it does not seem to be appropriate to append it as a new line to your array.

The PanX help for charts shows this syntax:


I do not know if the curly quotes are an artifact of the forum, but the code sample above is using straight quotes.

Kurt is correct, the bottom margin is not supposed to be part of the data, it is a separate pair of parameters to the chart( function.

I see the error of my ways. I had misplaced the parameter pair in the chart data. I have now moved the parameter pair to its appropriate place within the chart function, and everything works great. My chart function now looks like this:

Chart(fgChartVariance, “bottommargin”, 200) where fgChartVariance contains the chart data. My graph now looks much better:

Thanks for the help!