Synchronizing the display of associated records from separate databases

I have two different databases, A and B, that have identical key value fields. I have set up a form from a third, empty database that displays a text matrix displaying records from each database, A and B. When viewing information in this form, it would be nice if both database A and B were synchronized by their common key value field. Then when one record is selected in database A its associated record in database B would also be highlighted, and vice versa.

Being new to Panorama X, I am having a problem figuring out how to do this. So far, I have not found a useful function to use, and I have not found any mention of this type of linking in the Panorama documentation. Perhaps this requires a procedure that when triggered by one database will point to the correct record in the other database. What I am seeking is some hint of which direction to go, although I would not be surprised if I am overlooking something very elementary.

You use the lookup( function to take your data from A and B, looking up on the key value. You use Find in both databases to get to the records with the given key value.

Hi Bruce,

I do have lookup( linking the two databases, but my impression of its usefulness was that it only retrieved the appropriate data from the data field that it was searching in. I did not see any highlighting or presentation in the matrix object of the record the data was found in. Thank you for suggesting Find. I will investigate using the data found in the lookup( function as selection criteria in Find. That may be the connection that I was missing.