Synchronize vs. Download Data

Hello Pan X Aficionados!

Sometimes, when my colleagues create new records in shared databases, the new records do not show up on my database copy, until I click “Download Data” (see below).

Screenshot 2023-09-12 at 10.54.11 AM

Clicking “Synchronize Data” does not work; only “Download Data” works.

Could someone please explain the difference between Synchronize and Download Data?

My understanding is the Synchronization happens when a shared database is opened. Does Download Data happen upon database started as well?

Also, does the downloaddatafromserver statement perform the same function as the Download Data, as shown above?

Thanks in advance for your help!


Great question as this is on my bucket list of things to figure out. I too have reports of different computers not always being in sync. Prior to running reports, the Synchronize Data is used but is not found to be sufficient with only doing the Download Data resolving the difference. 'Twill be interesting the path of this thread. Thank you for starting it.

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Another user recently helped me track down this problem. It can occur after uploading a non-crictical new generation, for example uploading modified procedures and/or forms. It will be fixed when the next release comes out.

Synchronize only downloads records that have been modified since the last time you synchronized. Download Data downloads the entire database. If you have a large database, the performance difference can be huge.

The problem occurred because Panorama got confused about what records had been modified, so it thought some records had already been synchronized when they hadn’t been. Since Download Data always downloads everything, it wasn’t confused.

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Thank you, this is good news.

Does the downloaddatafromserver statement perform the same function as the Download Data? My databases are relatively small, and I was thinking of adding this statement to my .Initialize procedure, until your next update.

Can a non-critical new generation happen without the user’s direct knowledge?

The person uploading the new generation will know whether it is critical or not. But other users wouldn’t necessarily notice.

I think it would be better to just use critical updates for now.

Did this issue get fixed in Pan X 10.2.0.B34? The B34 update documentation did not mention this issue, so I thought I would check.

Yes, this is definitely fixed in b34. I guess I overlooked it when creating the release notes, but it is in my internal change list. Also, the person that reported the problem got early access to the b34 release, and they verified that this was fixed.

By the way, it’s a lot of work to put together Panorama’s detailed release notes, so I’m glad to hear that some of you actually read them carefully. :+1:

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The release notes are very useful. Definitely worth YOU doing them, ha ha.