Sync is not enabled for "(null)"

I installed most recent update, and now am getting this message when I try to save or quit the program. The only way to exit is to force quit and lose any changes.
Version 10.2.0.b30 (4183)
Can Admin help with this?

There is no message “Sync is not enabled” anywhere in Panorama X. So I believe this message is not coming from Panorama, but from some other software on your computer.

Also, 10.2.0.b30 (4183) is not the most recent update. I don’t think this has anything to do with the error message you are describing, but the most recent update is 10.2.0.b32. You should be able to use Check for Updates to install the more recent version.

I installed 10.2.0.b32, save now works normally.

Must have been it, as I have not changed anything else.

Thanks, CM