Superlookup + relational not working

I am using superlookup to do a relational lookup. So far no go.

Here was the lookup created by the Relational Workshop

I entered this as the formula for the field I want it entered into. I go edit the SpecialtyID field which updates another field that uses the lookupselected command but the one that uses the superlookup command does not change. I’ve tried it with no data and fake data in that field to see if it would change.

The second parameter of this function must be a valid formula. You have not supplied a valid formula. I think what you meant to do was probably:

superlookup(“ContactSpecialties”,|||««ContactID»»=ContactID and ««SpecialtyID»»=SpecialtyID|||,|||SpecialInterests|||)

By the way, you may want to investigate using Panorama’s newer ability to set up a relation between these databases, instead of using lookups. This will be simpler and faster.

I did set up a relation between the databases first but I couldn’t figure out how to get the data from table 2 to table 1. I’ll look at that again.

Once you’ve set up the relation, you can use the Join dialog if you want to fill in all of the existing records with the corresponding data.

Thanks. I discovered Join Databases after the last post here. It works perfectly for me in this project.