SuperGetText New Line not working?

I’m using SuperGetText for the first time to allow entry of an address to print on an envelope. The dialog box opens fine, titles and captions, buttons, input variable are all working as expected.

When I use the return button on the small Mac keyboard, I don’t get a new line to type on, it takes the focus ring away and the input cursor disappears. Using Option-Return gets a new line, but not tab or arrow keys. Is this to be expected, or can I change this behavior so I can just type “like normal” until I hit the OK button?

I don’t think there is any way to make SuperGetText work the way you want. I would suggest simply making a form with a Text Editor Object editing a variable. In fact you could just place the Text Editor object on the report tile if you want, so you could just fill it out and then choose Print One Record (or you could have a button that does that). Just make sure the editing options in the Text Editor object are set so that Return does not terminate editing. You might also want the set the “variable updates every key” option.