Superalert text-alignment

This code outputs a truncated text block.

superalert loremipsum(1),{textalign=center height=200 width=200}

The option textalign=leftcenter also truncates the text.

All the other textalign options, including rightcenter and bottomcenter, output the complete text.

It does work if the height is sufficient to contain the entire text.

superalert loremipsum(1),{textalign=center height=500 width=200}

If you aren’t sure that the alert height is greater than the text height, you should not use the center alignment option.

Note that the topcenter option does work:

superalert loremipsum(1),{textalign=topcenter height=200 width=200}

I have been using your workaround and hoping that there would be a fix eventually. But sounds like it’s an Apple thing.