Summarytable(: Linking a Text List Summary Table With Original Data

Been immersing myself in using the summarytable( function in a text list, and for most part very impressed!! The one glitch is the linking back to original data. Despite imitating the scheme in the help file into my own database verbatim, the summarytablepopup statement in the text list procedure doesn’t do anything (ie, nothing “pops up”). Yes, I’ve been right clicking [control-click], and I’ve verified that the sync variable works for synchronizing, and that the summary info variable does contain the dictionary of summary table data.

Anyone been able to get this to work?

macOS 10.13.6
PanX 10.1.1 (2823)

This feature definitely works.

Did you try letting the Summary Wizard build the form for you? That way you can be sure that everything is set up properly. You can always tweak the configuration later. Use the Make New Summary Table Form command in the Summary menu. This is described both in the written documentation an in the Summary Workshop video.

Yes. Starting with the summary wizard is exactly what I did. Control-clicking on the summary table does not trigger the pop-up on my system as it does in the demo. I’ve now verified this on several databases.

Control-clicking elsewhere in PanX works as expected (so not a broken control key). Re-downloading PanX did not resolve the issue, so (if I did that correctly) not a corrupted application file. I remain stumped.

Hmm, well it works in my files, so perhaps there is something different in your files. Any chance you could send one to me?

Also, does control clicking work in the Summary Wizard itself? It’s the same code either way, so if it fails in your form, I would think it might fail in the Summary Wizard also.

Actually, it does not seem to work in either. I do not get the pop-up by control-clicking on a summary table in either the summary wizard or in a form created from the wizard.

Example file here:

Forgive me if this is silly, but I had the same results as you until I realized that instead of hitting control-click I was hitting command-click. When I used the actual control key instead of the splat key, or when I actually used the right-click button on my trackball, everything worked as it should. Maybe you made the same mistake?

I think Bill has hit the nail on the head, sort of. I downloaded your database and right clicking on my mouse worked just fine, as did a two finger tap on the trackpad. However, for me the control key did not work. Bill, are you sure the control key worked for you? In any case, I have made a change to the code and now either right clicking or holding down the control key brings up the menu. But until the next version is released, you’ll either have to right-click on the mouse, or two finger tap on the trackpad to use this feature.

Two finger tap works like a charm! Thanks!

Side note: like Bill C., I sometimes get confused about which modifier key to use for right-click emulation. Knowing that about myself, I triple checked I was doing it right in this instance before posting!

/Bill A.

No, in fact the control key doesn’t work for me on Bill A’s DB; I was going on a DB of my own. When I looked at Bill’s, I had the same experience you did. Sorry to introduce confusion.