Summary Chart Form Needs WebView Option of the Web Browser Object

In Panorama X 10.2 b31 the Web Browser object has more options than before. I found an issue with the display of summary charts: An existing summary chart form did not display the chart anymore.

Using the Summary & Analysis wizard shows data and charts perfectly, but when I use the “Make New Summary Chart Form” from the “Summary” menu, the new form does NOT display the chart. The formula for the web browser object is created correctly, “Display Chart in Browser” is working perfectly, but the object remains empty.

I found that I had to change the Class option of the web browser object from “Automatic” or “WKWebView” to „WebView" to successfully display the summary chart again.

Are you using javascript or some other external resources for some part of its generation? And, are they on your hard drive itself? If so, it’s necessary to use a full file path to access them in order for WKWebView to work.

I am using Panorama X’s own “Summary & Analysis Workshop”.

@KJM What version of macOS are you using?

The summary chart feature was definitely tested with WKWebView, but I do not have access to all versions of macOS. Perhaps there is a problem with a specific version that I don’t have available for testing.

I am using macOS Ventura 13.1 with a 2019 Intel MBP 13".

Interesting. So you opened the Workshop database and edited the form to get it to work?

When my old form did not display the summary chart, I tried to build a new summary chart form (using the workshop). The new chart form did not display the chart either. Then I looked for the class options of the web browser object and found that WebView was working, WKWebView and Automatic did not.

PS. I then changed the class option of the web browser object in my old form, and now it displayed the summary chart successfully.

What about the view in the workshop itself, did that work?

As I wrote above: Yes, the chart view in the workshop works, but when I use the menu command Summary > Make New Summary Chart Form the Webbrowser object remains empty, until I change its Class option to “WebView”.

Aargh, I did not read your original post carefully enough.

That is very strange. I still cannot duplicate your results, however. The chart works fine both in the wizard and when I create it into a new form.