Summarize & Analyze Dialog selects all

How do I get this dialog to perform on a pre-selected subset of the database? I’m selecting 277 0f 623 records, then building my criteria in the dialog. As soon as the dialog appears, the data sheet window below the criteria shows all 623 records selected, even though the window in the data sheet still shows 277/623. When I press “Analyze”, it works on all records, instead of the pre-selected subset. . (??) What am I missing?

The Panorama Preferences dialog includes an option Allow analysis of selected records (subset). If you check this option, you’ll be able to analyze your pre-selected subset.

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This does not seem to be the case - at least for me. My Preference pane was set for allowing selected records and still the dialog had all records selected.

Note that this setting was already set this way when I opened Panorama.

The dialog results will always show all records no matter what the setting is, but when you press the Analyze Data button it should use only selected records.

Hmm, not very intuitive.

Great. I will check that. (I don’t remember any mention of that in the docs I read about the dialog.)