Suggestion: include days remaining in subscription renewal pop-up

I purchased a single-month license while evaluating Panorama X and am still within that month. About once an hour Panorama X pops up a helpful reminder that I have only 1 month remaining. I would prefer two things:
. to be informed how many days remain, and
. to be able to postpone this eager reminder until, say, the day before.

I understand that this is really an issue for only newcomers (once you’ve committed to Panorama X, you surely know whether you will renew your license), and so is a minor one, but I still judged it worth bringing up as, though I expect to purchase a year’s license (or longer), I would like to continue evaluating Panorama X for my needs without having to play whack-a-mole.


These are good suggestions. I’ve added this to the issue tracker.

That said, the number of users signing up for one month subscriptions is VERY low, so I probably won’t get to this for a while.

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