Substring operations

I’m a long time user of Pan 6 trying to learn 10 as my old computer continues to get crankier. I want to fill one text field using the equivalent of Pan 6 Formula Fill with the first two characters of another text field. Thanks.

The statement would be

FormulaFill OtherField[1,2]

just like it was in Pan 6. To do it from a menu, you would use Field>Morph>Fill with Formula…

Oh great! I was looking for a “Substring” function or similar. Been a long time.

You could also do this with the Morph dialog, which would allow you to do this without a formula (you could actually do this in Panorama 6 as well).

Cool thanks.

And they were called “text funnels” since the Panorama 6 days.

Actually I think that text funnels go all the way back to Panorama 1 in 1988. Maybe even in OverVUE before that? I’m not sure about that.

wait, they aren’t called ‘text funnels’ anymore?


They were, and still are.