Subscripts and Superscripts on a text cell

I am trying in PanX to have a cell in a record have a value, say X, with both a superscript and a subscript.

X subscript N to the 2nd power.

The purpose is to have a list of variables and descriptions for a book I am preparing to write.

Basically how you can do with MathType.

I have searched around on the forum and cannot find any hint.



Sorry, there is no way to display multiple text styles in a cell in the data sheet.

In a Text Display object on a form you can display multiple styles using the Rich Text feature, but even in that case there is no option for super or subscripting.

Re: [Panorama Discussion Forum] [Panorama X] Subscripts and Superscripts on a text cell
Thanks Jim,

That saves me time. As I struggle with Pan X I do see your brilliance!

Stuff that took a lot of time for small procedures are simple now.

Still the learning curve! The Tutorials are very helpful.

Really brilliant! I just have to relearn a quarter decade.

I am working on it!

Best Regards,

George A. Beauchemin