Stubborn file won't open properly

I have a PanX file that won’t open from the normal OpenFile statement. Also, it will not open from the finder. However, I can do an OpenSecret and lookup information from the file. I experimented and added an .Initialize procedure (Message “Hello World”), and that procedure will run, when I try to open the file, but the file does not show up in my window menu and nothing appears on my screen. I can successfully open the file with:

OpenSecret “StubbornDatabase”
Window “StubbornDatabase:Secret”

Any suggestions?

Much thanks!

It should be enough to save it with the data sheet open.

It’s not necessary to write a program to open a file that has been saved with no windows. Panorama has a couple of techniques that you can use to get it open again without needing to write any code.

If you’ve opened the file and it is in memory but with no windows open, you can use the Memory Usage window to open the data sheet. Just open the Memory Usage window (from the Panorama menu), then right click on the database and choose Open Data Sheet from the popup menu.

As Kurt mentioned, once the data sheet is open you can just Save the database so that this won’t happen again.

If the file isn’t open already, you can use the Find & Open window to perform this task. Open the window (from the File menu), and find the database. Then right click on the database and choose Open Data Sheet Only from the pop-up menu. See Special Operations Menu on this help page.

Then save the database to complete the recovery.