Strange procedure behavior

Two databases are open. A text list of recent invoices on one can be clicked to look up an invoice in the other. When a recent invoice display is clicked in the customer file, the invoice file is made active and the invoice is located. If the invoice in the customer text list is clicked again (it’s not active), a message is displayed in the invoice file that the procedure “find invoice” does not exist.

Obviously one shouldn’t click the list a second time on an inactive database, but users are rascals. I could probably add code to see if the customer database is active, but I don’t think this error should happen in the first place. Just FYI.

I cannot duplicate this. As soon as I click on a text list in an inactive window, the window becomes active, and the procedure is called correctly.

Oh – I found a way to duplicate it – if you hold down the CMD key and click on an inactive database, this will happen. In general, holding down the CMD key allows you to click on inactive windows in any application. In fact, you can use this trick to click on controls in Panorama even if Panorama is not the frontmost application. If you are worried about that, then yes, you’ll need to add code to check if the window is active.