Strange behavior in b18

Last week I experienced strange behavior while running b18. I narrowed down the problem to one file that had worked fine in b16 but failed in b18. I ended up re-creating the file, form, and procedures. I created the new database and set up each field. Then I copied and pasted to get each procedure over to the new file. I then created a new form from scratch. The new file has been trouble free since its creation. That was the only way I could get the b18 to work. I do not know the real root cause but I believe it was related to the form. Today, I am experiencing strange behavior of a different kind on another file. This is the first time that I have used the file with b18. Again, I am witnessing strange behavior. After four hours of no progress, I am thinking that I should re-create the problem file. Unfortunately this file is more complex than the one I re-created last week. Is there a way to create the data sheet, port over the procedures and finally port over the forms? I would work through this process one step at a time with the hope of discovering the root cause, at least from my observation.

Before anyone uses too much time and brain power on this problem, I may have discovered the cause. I say this cautiously, because there may still be some problems. In any event, I started to remove objects from a form one at a time while running the procedure causing problems in between each object removal. When I removed an object that displays a graph using the Chart( function, the strange behavior went away. The procedure was attempting to add a series of records via a Loop statement. The procedure was stopping after the AddRecord statement. Sometimes the procedure would simply stop. Other times Panorama would instantly disappear from the screen. Not a beach ball crash, but an instantaneous disappearance crash. I am wondering if the Chart( was trying up update as records were being added to the data sheet. I will continue testing today.

I know you have your problem with the database tentatively solved but I thought I would give you a way to more easily reconstruct a database from an existing one using the View Organizer wizard in case you need to do this again in the future. Open up a View Organizer window from each database via the View menu. Once they are both open and set to each of the two files and both set to either Forms or set to Procedures, you can simply drag items from on window to the other to copy to the other database.

View Organizer Drag