Strange behavior in a text field

I am not sure I can properly explain this but I will try.
I have a form with several text fields. They don’t have any formulas or procedures attached to them.
I have created a simple call procedure that will find a form that has not been printed yet. The procedure will find the desired form just fine but will immediately blank one of the field that has data. I can’t make any sense of it.

I’ve often seen this sort of thing where form fields with data show up blank on forms. They sometimes do show their data when you click on them. It’s a long standing problem, which I think needs to be addressed before public release of the program…

It would really help if you shared the procedure. There may be an obvious reason for the blanked field - or not.

Below is the procedure. I have commented many of lines because I am trying to isolate the problem.

;Global FirstCheck,LastCheck
select Printed=“NO”
; IF Info(“empty”)
; Beep
; Message ¶+“There are no checks marked for printing”

I think I have figured out this strange behavior for a text data field.
If I go to the form and click on graphic mode, select the field, it shows in the properties “Data: Business Name”. If I change the name to “Business” the problem goes away. Strange!!