Stopping a loop - is Option+Shift+Esc still a thing?

I did search on this but the posts I found were very old. From those posts, it looked like if the “Prevent early abort of Procedures” box in DataBase Options was NOT checked (and it’s not checked by default), then Option+Shift+ESC was supposed to terminate a procedure.

I tried it and it didn’t stop my loop; I had to force quit. During the development/testing phase, what’s the best way to prematurely stop a procedure?

I recall, in early Pan days, there used to be a “step” option with the visual feedback of each line in the procedure being highlighted as it was active while stepping through the steps. I think you had to put a debug statement in the procedure where you wanted the stepping to start.

I did read a little about Zlog for monitoring variables - replacing the beloved Message statement - but I might have missed “stepping” if it was implemented there.

It’s now Shift+Command+Esc