Still seeing incorrect message "not authorized to run beta version"?

If the bug that forces me to quit periodically based on the mistaken conclusion that I am not authorized to run b15 is not fixed soon, I suggest it would be better to disable this “feature”. Happens 2-3 times per day.

This is news to me. There were multiple reports of a problem of this nature back in January. I found a probable cause and revamped this section of the code. The revamped code was released in the b13 release in mid February. After that release, I did not hear of this problem any more, so I have been operating under the assumption that this issue was resolved.

Is anyone else seeing this problem? Thomas, are you saying that you are just running Panorama and out of the blue it says you are not authorized? This message should never appear more than 60 seconds after Panorama has launched.

I reported this on Feb 5, and several other people reported the same problem in that thread. I am sure I have seen others since then. You created a Bit Bucket report, but I have not seen any other progress on this issue and the problem has occurred at Smith Duggan several time and has continued on my computer. I now regret the tone of my post; I wrote it after two consecutive Not Authorized messages. But the problem is continuing.

There were definitely multiple reports, but I think they were all before the Feb 15 release of b13. This fix was the top priority of the b13 release and I was watching for further reports like a hawk. The BigBucket issue shows this item as resolved on Feb 13.

So – maybe this is a separate issue now? I have renamed this thread so hopefully if someone else is encountering this they will comment. There was a steady drumbeat of reports of this right up to the release of b13, then it fell off precipitously (though not to zero immediately because some were late in installing the update).

If anyone is still seeing this, does it happen when Panorama first launches, or within the first minute of launching? Or is it happening sometime later, apparently out of the blue?

I went over this code with a fine tooth comb in early February and did make a significant revision to make it more bulletproof. I reviewed it again tonight and don’t see any way this could come up after launching. So any clues that can be provided would be appreciated.

FYI If for any reason Panorama is unable to connect to when it launches, it will come up with this message. It tries for 60 seconds and then gives up and displays the alert.

I will more carefully note the times and conditions when this occurs. The message has appeared any random times long after 60 seconds after starting Panorama.

I see that Sam reported this 28 days ago.

Rob Ameeti reported this on March 12 and 28 days ago.

Michele Dunlop reported the issue on Feb 27.

Ok, I’ve re-opened this issue.