Still can't print with an overflow tile

I have a form that uses multiple data tiles and I’m happy that Pan 10.1 now prints multiple data tiles, but it still seems to ignore a Data Overflow tile. I have a Data tile with a matrix and a Data Overflow with the same matrix and the same formula. On the form, the Data tile correctly displays page 1 of 2 and the overflow tile displays 2 of 2 indicating that there is indeed data that needs to be printed on that tile. When printed, the form only prints the partial information on the data tile. Any ideas?

I’ve also noticed that 10.1 is a lot slower on my Mac, I get spinning beach balls regularly and it crashes (unexpectedly quits) a lot.

Yes, Overflow files were not mentioned in the release notes because they are not supported. There is no ETA for Overflow tiles, and it is possible that this feature will not ever be implemented.

At this point, all of the available printing features are documented. If it’s not documented, it isn’t in the program.

I don’t know of any reason why version 10.1 would be even slightly slower than 10.0. The core of the program did not change.

Wow! Not good news. Is there is a list of objects that are not going to be implemented similar to the list of statements and functions that are deprecated?

So, does anybody know of a way to print a matrix with a variable containing an array as the formula that does not fit on one page? I can’t find anything in help that addresses that issue.

Thank you.

Ok, I figured out a way to print the form using arrayrange( to print sets of 22 elements from the array and open the form multiple times but, it’s not very elegant. Still hoping for a better solution.