Steps to transfer Panorama Classic License from one pc to another


I read on post asking basically the same question, how to transfer the Panorama license from on pc to another pc and it mentioned having to deactivate the license on the old pc and activating it on the new pc, but that’s it. Not sure how to do that. Is this process documented in one of the Panorama manuals or can someone specify how to do this? Thanks.

This is documented starting on page 22 of the *Welcome To Panorama" PDF file.

It’s pretty simple though. On the old computer, open the Registration window (from the Panorama menu) and press the Deactivate button. Then on the new computer, use the same window to activate with the serial number. If you use the Panorama Installer to install Panorama on the new computer, it will automatically open the Registration window for you after the install is finished.

Thank you.