Starttask - background asynchronous task?

I was looking at the help for openasyncprogresswindow. In the Description section, the FINISHCODE item refers to starttask. When I click on this, I get a page that says: This site is still under construction, and this topic has not yet ben created (what is this, 1996?). Click the back button above to go back to the previous page. :slightly_smiling_face:

I am looking to have a background task that could use python code to open a websocket to access a non-panorama server and update records in the Panorama database as and when info is sent from the non-panorama server. I thought that starttask might help enable this?

Is having a background asynchronous task running python code possible to do in Panorama X?

Sorry, that is a typo, it should say starttimer. It is not currently possible to have a background asynchronous task running python code.

Does “not currently possible” mean that this is a feature that is planned for a future version of Panorama X?

No, no such plans. Some idle musings, perhaps, but nothing rising to the level of “plans”.