Stalls on New Generation

While most New Generations run without issues, there are some that have a Progress bar that never completes. It seems to be more likely when handling a large file versus small files.

When this happens, I’m never sure about what I should do about it. Try again? When I do, I get errors as shown below.

Screen Shot 2024-03-07 at 1.24.30 PM

Screen Shot 2024-03-07 at 1.27.14 PM

When the Sharing panel opens, it’s only partially assembled. It may take another try or two or three before getting the whole process to complete properly.

When it has completed, any stalled Progress Bars remain on the screen. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

You’re talking about progress bars in a separate window? Those can be closed with a one line program.


The progress bar only appears in a separate window if the main database winow has no tool bar, or if it is completely invisible (no open windows). Maybe one of these conditions has something to do with the problem. I’ve not heard of “stalled” new generations even with extremely large databases, at least not with Panorama X.

The Action menu is always there too, with closeallasyncprogresswindows at the bottom of the list.

In this case the files are all displayed in forms with no tool bar. Several others loaded fine. Only one, the first, had the issue.

So are you saying that running this procedure does not close the progress windows??

I noticed in this particular case it says that the error occured in a database called Donations, in a procedure called .editing. I assume that is your procedure in your database. Does it contain a resume statement.

I can’t imagine why the new generation code would call your code, I don’t think it’s should. Perhaps the error dialog is incorrect.

Here is a link that will enable instrumentation for the new generation code. If you can get the new generation to fail again with these options enabled the log may contain the needed information to diagnose this.


Not at all. I’ve noted before that when the Progress Bar stalls, the Action Menu is available with closeallasyncprogresswindows. Choosing that closes the Progress Bar more readily than writing my own procedure with the same command.

Meanwhile, I’ll try the log coding you’ve offered.

Huh? Are you saying that the Action menu has an item in it that you didn’t put there?? Does this item show up in the View menu? There shouldn’t be anything in the Action menu that you didn’t put there.

The Prgress Bar is from a Panorama lib. When the Progress Bar is stalled, click on it and while it’s active there is the Action menu with the procedures you’ve written. closeallasyncprogresswindows is the last one on the list.

Oh my, I did not do that on purpose!

I guess it’s kind of handy, but at a minimum I will definitely get rid of all of those other menu items.

Ok, starting in the next release there will be only 1 menu available when a Progress window is active, with one menu item for closing all Progress windows. All of the other menus and menu items have been eliminated.

I’ve come to suspect that the stalls I’ve seen on a fair number of New Generations are actually issues with the progress bar and not the update itself. I’m usually in a form when I run a New Generation and the Progress Bar doesn’t always finish.

If I use the Data Sheet, it’s highly reliable, possibly always - I’ll have to start watching it more closely.

Just now after two stalls, I left the Progress Bars alone but went to the Datasheet and ran a New Generation without any issues. Of course, the stalled Progress Bars remained until I closed them.

If that is the problem, it should be easy to verify that with both server logs and the new generation history.

Are you using a form with no tool bar, so that the progress bar shows up in a separate window? It sounds like you must be.

Looking at the code I don’t immediately see the problem, but your theory seems like it could be a good one. With the right sort of glitch it could successfully finish the update even if it didn’t close the progress window - those are two separate tasks.

This may be why no one else has reported this - probably very few users are doing New Generations from a window with no tool bar.