Split Text, "Name" to "Last", "First"

I want to split a full name field into first and last.
I have seen how to do this somewhere, but now can’t find it.
Could someone direct me to the discussion about this?

Also, when I imported the names, they came in with " " around them. How can I strip the quotes from the field?

Thanks, CM

Have a look in the Panorama X documentation:

Splitting a Field

Strip Function

Depending upon your source for names, this is a very complicated bear. Sure, there’s probably a “Split” function for a well-behaved name - like one with a first, middle, and last name; or even only a first and last name.

But Names are not like that. You have people with just one name - like the singer, Sade. If the name is Fred Von Otto, is “Von” the middle name or part of the last name? What about “extensions” like Jr. or III or both - “[someperson] Jr. III”?

Then you have someone who fills out paperwork using their formal name, and afterward signs in using their nickname.

If you can guarantee that you will just be seeing First, Middle, Last (in that order) or just First and Last, life’s a breeze. But that’s not what you will find in the marketplace.

That worked perfectly of course, and if not blind, I would have found it myself.
I have not used those field controls much, I will in future.

Thanks, CM

I looked at the source for your post to see why the “info block” didn’t show up for your links. Apparently if you put in a link properly formatted in Markdown, the info block doesn’t appear. If you just type in a bare URL, the info block does appear. That might come in handy sometime, though usually I do want the info block.