Speed in 2020 - how fast is PanX compared to yesteryear?

As Panorama moved from original Pan to Pan III to Pan 5 to Pan 6 - the super fast assembler code was replaced along with more features added. Now PanX is - could be wrong here - in a version of “C” and is following all Apple’s rules. As a result, I think ProVUE admitted that it’s not quit as fast as earlier versions. But at the same time, CPU and RAM speed has increased from Mhz to Ghz. So it seems - from the users perspective - things (sorts, file opening/reads, etc.) should appear as fast or faster than years past.

Is that the case? When running your older Pan apps on new machines do they seem faster, despite being run from more recent versions of Panorama?

As an example, I once wrote a Pan file to report UPS changes for package weight/destination. When you clicked on the menu to select Ground, Second-Day, or some other, in processing that click, I closed one rate file and opened the appropriate rate file for the selected method, reading it in so the app could select proper charge for that delivery time/package weight/ destination zip code. Panorama was so fast (How fast was it?) that the new file was read in by the time the drop down menu closed after the user released the mouse. That is - there was no perceived delay whatsoever. That’s pretty sweet. :grinning:

I can provide some benchmarks. I used a database “Sieve of Eratosthenes” that calculates prime numbers for a given range of numbers, in this test between 2 and 150,000.

  • Pan 6 on a mid 2012 MacBook Pro (DualCore): 14,88 seconds
  • Pan X on that mid 2012 MBP: 25,78 seconds
  • Pan X on a 2019 MBP (QuadCore): 10,48 seconds