Source for some nice fonts (even a free one!)

I thought I would share with all of you my favorite site for some great fonts. FontBUNDLES has an impressive variety of very sophisticated fonts and font bundles all at reasonable prices. These fonts often have several hundred added glyphs and alternate characters that allow you to further customize their look. If you make a purchase you will get a free font-of-the-week every week thereafter. These free fonts are not second rate loss leaders but the same full featured fonts that you would normally buy.

Since I have already purchased a very nice bundle from them, I can download the free font every week and this week there is a link to share with friends so they can try the free font as well. The free-font-of-the-week today is Mochafloat Script. Most of their fonts are for designer graphics display and not so much for general text use. I have no connection with FontBUNDLES other than as a happy customer.