Source for Panorama compatible animated spinners and icons

Panorama X has the capability of displaying animated GIF’s. One use for that is to display a “spinner” icon that indicates that something is happening, for example waiting for a server to reply or a task to be finished. I just found a very interesting site that makes it easy to create your own customized spinners. I’m going to post it here both because some of you may be interested in putting spinners on your Panorama forms, and also to help my future self find this again when I need a spinner in the future :slight_smile:

You can choose from a wide selection of icons, some of which are free, others are $2. You can customize the size, color, animation speed and other options, then download your spinner as a GIF (also as a PNG or SVG, but those formats won’t work with Panorama’s Image Display object, though they might work with the Web Browser object). I think they also have tools to help you build a completely custom spinner, but I didn’t investigate that.

Poking around, this site has a bunch of other interesting resources you might also be interested in, mostly for web development. I spent a half hour just checking out what is available.