Sort up not working?

Using the sort icon on the toolbar does not work…the image shows the result after choosing SortUp…

Displaying a dialog sheet is exactly what is supposed to happen when you click on the sort icon.

Of course, but I would expect that after clicking the Sort button, that the data would be sorted, which it is not. The screenshot was taken after clicking the Sort button.

Does this database contain any summary records that aren’t selected? Sorting will always happen within groups, even if the summary records aren’t visible.

I notice that this is the same database where you had the problem with the field name, so I wonder if this is related. If you want to send me the database I’m sure I’ll be able to figure out what’s going on. I think it’s very unlikely that sorting suddenly does not work.

Thanks, I’ll send it to you.

As I suspected, the database contains summary records. Once I removed the summary records, it sorted just fine.