Some jpgs don't show in a photo database

Hi all,
my photo database functions perfectly now for a couple of years. One field shows the photo in a small square picking it according to the unique number from an accompanying folder which contains all the corresponding scanned jpgs.
A file can contain several hundred photos which all have a unique number. The record with the unique number always exists in a file but not all the corresponding photos have already been scanned.
Recently I was able to scan some additional photos for an existing file and added them as jpgs to the folder which already contains scanned photos of this file. These show perfectly in their records as intended. However, the recently scanned photos don’t do this, although their records include the same procedure. I can not find an explanation for this behaviour, maybe somebody on this list can.
The only difference between the recently scanned and added photos and the earlier ones (which behave as intended) is the fact that I have switched to a Mac Mini M1 and am running the last OS 12.0.1. My Panorama is the latest 10.2.0.b24. The scanner used was the same as earlier.

András, what is the size of those pictures we are talking about? Do you display them in 1:1 size or as thumbnails?

I had an issue with thumbnails when the original pictures were too large, i.e. when the pictures had to be scaled down massively. These pictures did not show up in the Image Display object. I was able to work around this problem by using pre-downscaled images.

You’ve probably already checked, but I would triple check that the Image Display object has the correct path and filename for the images that aren’t displaying. Panorama 10.2 has a new feature that can help you do that.

Kurt & Jim, thanks for the suggestions. As I found now none of those caused the problem. It was something else, but I still don’t know what exactly.
I didn’t get anywhere with my trials, but I remembered that on my previous Mac Mini, an older mac OS and an old Photoshop things used to work. So I recovered my old installation, opened the scanned jpgs in the old Photoshop and saved them again as jpgs. After putting them in the photo file’s jpg folder they suddenly showed up in the corresponding records.
Returning to my new setup (without Photoshop) I just used the newly saved jpgs in the folder again and it all works now.
I still don’t know what made the difference. The Panorama procedure stayed the same, no correction required there. The jpgs saved in Photoshop are now somewhat fatter than double the size before. The Apple Info window says they are Adobe jpegs whereas the previous ones were just jpgs. There is some hidden info there fattening the jpgs but I don’t know what. Why this makes a difference in showing the pics in the records I have no idea.
Thanks for trying to help anyway!