Slight change in listwindows( function from 6 to X

On BitBucket, Michael Kellock has pointed out that listwindows("database") now generates an error if the specified database is not open. In Panorama 6, it simply returned an empty string ("").

Although this is slightly different than Panorama 6, I’m inclined to keep it the new way. The old way, there was no way to tell the difference between a secret database and a database that was not open. Now you can. If you wanted to make a formula work the old way, you could easily do it like this:


Does anyone want to make an argument that this absolutely needs to work the same way Panorama 6 did? From a programming point of view, it would be trivial to make the change, but I think the new way is an improvement, and I’ll bet no one (or almost no one) is relying on how this function works with non-open databases.