Site License/ Computer Tab Has incorrect data

The Site License/Computers tab has many errors in the Role of users. Many users on my list are shown as Administrators who are currently not logged in as an Administrator. I probably in the past temporarily logged in those computes as Administrators to do troubleshooting, but that has not occurred in a long time, and I have confirmed that they are currently logged in as Users.

Not a high priority, but occasionally this is useful information to have in managing the PanX usage.

I cannot duplicate this problem. When I log a computer in as a User, this shows up in the Site License>Computer panel once I press the refresh button.

Then I logged the other computer out completely, and it disappeared from the Site License>Computer panel (this time I switched to another panel and back to update).

Finally I logged the other computer back in as administrator, and again the Site License>Computer panel showed the correct information after a refresh.

According to the records on the server, your account has 16 computers logged in:

  • 12 are logged in as administrators
  • 4 are logged in as users.

If that’s what your Site License panel shows, it matches the actual records on our server.

Something is not quite right, but I am still working on this to see what else to say. I am sure that at least some of the information shown in Site License does not match the actual status of one or more computer.

I have a hypothesis on what is happening: If a user is logged in as an Administrator and then selects User, the Provue database is not updated with this change. That is consistent with what has probably happened here. In the past, I have logged in on another user’s computer to do some troubleshooting, then switched back to User without logging off and logging on. I have confirmed several computers are showing as Administrator in the Site License/Comptuers listing but are actually logged on as a User. Not a big deal, but I would like this to be accurate some day. Not my, and I am sure not your, highest priority. (I added a procedure to the Navigator DB that everyone is supposed to open first to record their user role in a data field; that is how I have confirmed the state of their computers.)

That makes sense. Panorama only contacts the server if it needs to verify a password. When switching to a lower access level, Panorama doesn’t require a password, so the server records are not updated. As you say this is low priority, but I have noted it for a possible eventual fix.