Significant errors in arithmetic

In converting a financial database to Pan X, I am getting much different totals than those that I get from Pan 6. Overall, the Pan X database is showing about 5% less than Pan 6. I understand that there can be some rounding differences, but they should not be that much. The Pan 6 database is much closer than the statements I get. The numbers are floating point in both databases.

What does that mean?

I assume that you have some reason to think that Panorama 6 has calculated correctly and Panorama X is wrong, and not vice versa. Since both programs are doing standard floating point math, it seems very unlikely that there would be a difference in the calculations themselves. After receiving your message, I tested several databases I have, and the totals were exactly the same between Panorama 6 and X. I’d like to know more about exactly what the situation is where you are seeing this apparent discrepancy.

I found the problem, and it was not the arithmetic. It was rewriting something that Pan X does not understand, namely ==. I used that to calculate a total, and Pan X objected to it, so I had taken out one of the equal signs, but that meant that the totals (Price x Amount) were not getting updated.

A musty old brain like mine has problems remembering why I did some things long ago!

Mine has trouble remembering yesterday!


The important thing is that == is not supported, nor is it on the list of things that are either deprecated or might be supported in the future.