Side toolbar missing


For some reason the toolbar that is normally displayed on the left side of the open database window that allows you to switch from data mode to design mode has suddenly disappeared on one of the databases. Do not know what happened. The database opens fine and looks normal, except there is no toolbar on the left side of the window.
Opening another copy of the database of the same name normally copied from the MAC where this database is normally updated to a secondary MAC, and copied from the secondary MAC to a usb thumb drive to test, opens with the toolbar in place as normal on the MAC where updates are normally done. So the issue is not with the machine, but with the database itself.
It’s as if the toolbar option has been turned off, though I have not found anyplace where this can be done or does the manual indicate anyway to turn off or on the side toolbar, so I presume it’s supposed to always just be there.
Has anyone encountered this before? Any ideas? Thanks.


It can be turned on and off with the Window Tweak wizard – Wizards>Forms>Window Tweak.

Thanks. It must have been done inadvertantly somehow, turned off, because the individuals who work with this database indicated they did nothing, as far as they know, to result in the toolbar going away. Thanks again.