Showpage confusion

I’ve always been confused about showpage. The Pan X Help says:

The showpage statement forces Panorama to redisplay all windows in the current database.

However, it doesn’t seem to update variable display, such as a variable in a text display object. It appears I must use showvariables. Is there a reason there is no “ShowALLvariables” statement? It would be handy…

If showpage only affects the datasheet, this should be mentioned in the Help file.

Check out the showvariables statement David. When you want to check the existence of a statement/function, it’s best to try a few simple keywords (like show or variable) rather than a more complicated combination.

Showpage works with both forms and the data sheet, but it only affects database fields. It pretty much says that in the documentation – “Use this command when you have only modified multiple fields and/or columns.”

There is no showallvariables statement because you could possibly have an infinite number of variables. So a showallvariables statement could be quite slow.

You could do something like a showallfilevariables using this execute code:

execute "showvariables "+replace(info("filevariables"),cr(),",")

As Jim warns, this could be slow if you have a very large number of fileglobal variables involved.

Try this procedure in your form window:

openform “name of your form”

Another window must be active for this to work