Showing related information for families

I have a contacts database. This contains adults and children. The database records have relationships such as, parent/child/sibling, grandparents, uncles, nephews and nieces etc.

I’m trying to find a way to show related records to the one currently selected. My initial thoughts are to create a familyID for close family members that would show, parent/child/sibling records. I then though to create an relationID that could be used to show extended family members. My job is greatly helped by knowing who is related to whom.

As a secondary question, it would be nice to know what the relationship is between records such as Fred is brother to Jane, but my brain cannot fathom such deep logic.

To add a third question that will help expands brain cells to their maximum, I also need to see the records in relationship to households. For this I would simply create a householdID and show all related records that a part of a household.

Am I heading in the right direction? Any advice will be greatly appreciated!

Just this week I built just that.

Using a single field that can hold an array of values you can enter three pieces of information. x is something to y.

Every record needs a unique ID.

Using two text editors with variables, you can have the program start with the name in the current record in x. In the first text editor, enter the phrase for the relationship, and in the second, enter a name that is linked via Clairvoyance to load an existing name properly.

Assemble this into an array for your field but add the ID numbers. So essentially you’re putting together 123 is the brother of 456, but having the program display the names instead of the ID’s. Adding households would be much the same.

Ideally an inverse process takes place so that when you add the one above to 123’s record, it also gets added to 456’s record.

Panorama’s various array function handle additions, changes and deletions very nicely.

Here’s a screen shot to give you the idea. I’ve gone farther than described above and the image includes a text list to display the results sans IDs and a search mechanism to locate and accurately load the targeted names.

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I think that I’ve mentioned before that I love arrays

Thanks James, that’s a little beyond my skillset. Appreciate the help though.