Should 'Yoke' be Sandwich(?

No. Yoke omits the middle parameter if either of the others is blank. Sandwich omits both the first and third parameters if the middle one is blank

In the example, if the last name were McPherson and the first name was blank, the result would just be McPherson. If both names were present, it would be McPherson, Craig.

Thanks for the explanation. I don’t find ‘yoke’ anywhere in the Help file except for the Modifiable Object Properties topic.

Craig probably had the Basics option in his Help file:

I think that’s the default until you manually select All. I suggest that All should be the default to avoid this problem - the solution isn’t at all intuitive unless you’re familiar with the structure of the Help file.

To get the list in his screen shot, I had to choose “Programming Forms”, but you’re right. It’s not at all obvious that searches are confined to your chosen realm.

If searches aren’t confined to the chosen realm, the realm feature might as well be removed, it would be pointless.

If you switch the realm to All, it will stay that way. But I don’t think that should be the default for new users. I don’t want new users to see over 1,700 topics and just give up. By the way, if you do a search that doesn’t work, then switch to all, the search will immediately update with the correct results, you don’t have to retype the search.

The way realms work is described in the documentation page for the Help wizard itself, and I will also include that at the beginning of the tutorial so that hopefully most users are aware of it.

It seems that the nice thing to do is to present a button that says

“No results were found for ‘yoke’. Would you like to do a broader search?”

No, Stay in the Basics realm Yes, Broaden my Search to All Topics

Or some such thing.

Robert Ameeti

Maybe a second checkbox that says “Search Within Realm” or something like that, so they don’t need to read the documentation to figure out how to use the documentation. Basic could be chosen at the outset, but the box would be unchecked. The list would be limited in scope, but someone who is using the search box to search for something specific will find it whether it’s currently on the list or not.

Your points are all valid Jim. I guess if a new user sees Basics in a blue ellipse at the top of the page it should be a clear invitation to look further (a variation of Alice’s “Eat me”). Those who don’t investigate are probably not going to get very far anyway.

I’m not attracted to Robert’s suggestion - I suspect it would lead to an avalanche of “How do I get rid of this annoying feature?” mail.

In these days of discussions about “Hide & Seek” user interfaces, I think the blue ellipse needs an optical hint that it is not only a button, that it hides a popup menu.

Perfect solution Kurt.